Action against Cancer

Providing support to people with signs of or affected by cancer is an essential part of our strategy.

In order to give hope to patients and to secure their care, a public-private partnership was developed with Libreville’s Institute of Cancerology (LIC), the cornerstone of the entire “Act against Cancer” Programme. 

After those established in Dakar and Brazzaville, the Institute is the third cancer centre of this kind in the whole of French- speaking sub-Saharan Africa. 

The institute is designed to become a centre of reference in Central Africa in the management of cancer, the diagnosis and treatment of people affected by this disease. 

Provided with advanced equipment,

it includes departments of medical oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, a laboratory of biology for tumours and pathological anatomy which will allow it to provide appropriate treatment for all the Gabonese population.

In order to improve the quality of the management of patients, the Foundation supports the LIC by providing training for their personnel, of which some benefited of continuous training in Morocco thanks to the partnership of the Foundation with the Lalla Salma Foundation – Cancer Prevention and Treatment. 

The Foundation also assists with the availability of anti- cancer drugs so as to allow patients to follow their treatments uninterruptedly. 

Finally, in order to improve the collection of statistical data on the disease, the Foundation participated in the development of a cancer registry in the towns of Libreville and Owendo. 

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Our actions

  • Implementation of an early detection programme for breast and cervical cancers as part of the Ministry of Health's official programmes;
  • Screening: 233 healthcare professionals trained, 27,607 women screened;
  • Treatment: in conjunction with the Cancer Institute: radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment delivered to 600 to 700 women each year;
  • Feasibility study published for the implementation of a national anti-PPV campaign;
  • Partnerships set up at both a national and international level:  Lalla Salma Foundation, King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Roche Laboratories, military healthcare service for regional reach;