The Foundation charter


The management of the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family is based around a system of values. It works for the public interest, prioritising solidarity, creativity and innovation. It is centred on a shared culture of protecting the public interest.

Our objective is to create a unified and united nation in which every person has a role in contributing to the development of society.

Our mission is to encourage all Gabonese people to work together towards the country's development and to become key players in their own success so that everyone can benefit from the new development opportunities.

Our focus is the entire Gabonese population, including the most vulnerable people. This is how we ensure that all causes are listened to and understood.

Our strength resides in our expertise in the sector, our knowledge of Gabon and our ability to mobilise and bring together national and international skills in order to initiate, encourage and promote the best initiatives in a spirit of accountability.

Our missions

To educate as many people as possible about subjects that are often neglected by speaking up for those who have never had a voice.

To rally business people and political figures to become actively involved in initiatives at national, regional and international levels.

To take action through concrete projects that meet the needs expressed by the population as closely as possible.

To innovate by striving for excellence through creative and sustainable solutions.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

We operate in a professional environment built on trust and tolerance and put our energy and objectivity to use to benefit the whole population.


We give individuals and communities the tools to support each other so that together we can find lasting solutions to their problems.


Our initiatives are designed to further the work of the government. We work alongside the authorities as well as organisations and businesses that support our principles.


We believe in our families and our communities. They are the foundation of our society and the heart of the Gabonese nation. Our actions work to reinforce family values at all levels of society.


We work hard to encourage an inspiring and stimulating team spirit, wherein each person can work effectively and grow by acting in a concrete way for the greater good.