Gabon is one of the African countries where the maternal mortality rate is among the highest, with 316 deaths for 100,000 viable births. This is mainly due to haemorrhaging during child birth, high blood pressure and infections.

Since 2011, the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation has been working to strengthen women’s healthcare conditions during pregnancy by supporting birthing units across Gabon through its program “United for Health of Mother and Child”.

In 2014, the Foundation decided to draw up a precise diagnosis of the situation across maternities in the 9 provinces of Gabon in order to obtain factual data with regard to mother and infant mortality factors.

A new study was launched in partnership with NGO AMREF, the Ministry of Health and United Nation’s Agencies; the aim was to evaluate maternal, neonatal and infant health services. The investigation which was led on a national level across the whole territory collates data collected from 89 health centres, 200 healthcare providers and over 1,500 pregnant women.

A vibrant national lobbying document was prepared during the assessment, with the visit of 23 health centres across 5 provinces by the Foundation’s Founder during a campaign entitled “Every Mother Counts”. 

To lobby for improved access to quality healthcare during pregnancy and child birth; 

  • Prenatal care;
  • Qualified assistance during childbirth including emergency obstetrics and neonatal care;
  • Immediate post-natal care for mothers and new-borns.