Solidarity with Prisoners

The Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family works with young incarcerated minors in collaboration with the Arc-en-ciel (Rainbow) Association.

The project aims to guarantee that incarcerated minors’ rights to education are upheld in order to ensure their reinsertion into society. Beyond providing an educational structure, special attention is given to psycho-social support, vocational training and reinsertion into the family.

The central prison of Libreville currently houses minors in conflict with the law for various types of offences. These young people aged between 14 and 18 are generally from an underprivileged background where failure at school is a recurring feature.

However, the construction of durable and balanced visions for the future necessarily involve an educational framework. But the prison environment is not sufficiently equipped, neither in material or classrooms, nor in human resources, to remedy these educational gaps despite the Government’s commitment and effort.

The Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family works hard to guarantee that minors in conflict with the law will preserve their right to an education in view of an academic and social reinsertion. In collaboration with the Arc-en-Ciel Association and with the Government’s help, it relentlessly supports the prison school in order to give the youngsters keys to future reinsertion.

These struggling youngsters are supported not only academically thanks to their academic level being brought back up to standard; it also has the vocation to ensure a more general reinsertion into society.

Every year approximately 80 minors receive literacy, French, mathematics and IT lessons. They are simultaneously taught the highway code and attend psycho-social sessions. Food and hygiene kits are distributed to them in order to improve their living and learning conditions within the prison.

A complete refurbishment of the school, staff training as well as the distribution of school materials to pupils, together enable these youngsters to enjoy decent learning conditions and allows the government to take over from this initiative in good conditions.

  • To guarantee minors incarcerated in the central prison of `Libreville that their rights to education and psycho-social support will be upheld;

  • To prepare the young people for a reinsertion into the family, into the school environment and into the socio-professional environment.