Eneda Project

With this project, the Foundation aims to actively advocate for a better socio-professional integration of these children and to have a positive and tangible impact on their lives so that they can develop their full potential.

During the celebration of National Independence Day in Gabon, 15 students from the National School for Hearing Impaired Children (ENEDA) took part in the festivities by putting on an amazing dance performance. For one evening, the chasm was bridged. Children with hearing loss became fully integrated into the professional dance troupe and demonstrated the full range of their artistic talents. 

After the rehabilitation of the educational and cultural space of the National School for Hearing Impaired Children (ENEDA), the President of the Foundation wanted to offer better prospects for the future of young people suffering from this disability. In order to achieve this, a project to fit hearing devices was launched to offer the participants of the show the opportunity to regain hearing abilities. 

After identifying the recipients amongst the students and in agreement with their parents, consultations were organized with various medical and paramedical partners in order to fit them with the devices then conduct auditory rehabilitation operations to promote their social and educational reintegration. 

  • To foster a medical approach for the treatment of hearing deficiencies by focusing on individualized treatment for each student;
  • To promote the social and educational reintegration of these children.