Pink October 

For the past 23 years, Pink October is the month dedicated worlwide to breast cancer awarenesss. For the 3rd running year, Gabon is also becoming pink. The Foundation, in line with its priority in fighting women’s cancer, is launching the Pink October Campaign.

 For this, a general awareness campaign, dedicated to Gabonese men and women, focusing on the two biggest cancers in Gabon : breast and cervical cancer, will be put in place and launched.

Early detection is free for every woman aged 25 and over, in all public health centres, throughout the year.

Our objectives :

  • Inform, raise awareness and rally people around the fight against breast and cervical cancer
  • Increase screening uptake amongst women
  • Bring hope
  • Engage with local economic actors and charities to promote early detection

Activities :

  • Free screenings in early diagnosis and detection units

        - Inform and promote free screening to women

        - Provide the health centres with the required screening equipments 

        - Train and prepare health staff 

        - Create and disseminate public awareness communication tools

  • An awareness caravan with a branded minibus and volunteers who will engage with women and local communities
  • Partnerships with established local firms and charities 

Pink October figures 

Our actions « Fight Against Cancer » : 

  • Strategy and Action Plan
  • Conception of the breast and cervical cancer early detection guide; published and distributed in October 2014
  • Government announcement of free breast and cervical cancer screening
  • 66 980 women screened for breast and cervical cancer
  • 249 health professionals trained
  • 54 health centres rehabilitated
  • Over 9 provinces of Gabon
  • 436 617 women informed about cancer by the Foundation’s volunteers
  • 167 cancer patients welcome in the Maison d'Alice since its opening
  • 46 cancer patients accompanied through home care since the creation of the Mobile Palliative Care Team in September 2017
  • 1 mobile screening unit launched in October 2016