PMTCT: Donation of Reagents to the Virology Unit of Libreville

​Last Wednesday, within its initiatives for women, and in support of the Ministry of Health for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of the HIV virus (PMTCT), FSBO once again donated consumables and blood collection equipment to the virology unit of the National Laboratory of Public Health of Libreville. 

These will enable the detection of viral charge, or amount of virus, in the bloodstream of babies born from HIV-positive mothers, and therefore allow for appropriate treatment to be arranged.  The entire donation will enable diagnostic tests to be carried out on close to 2,000 children. 

“We come across 2 categories of patients and mothers suffering from HIV1: Those who are conscientious and those who are less so, the latter unfortunately only allowing us to diagnose the child during the last trimester of their pregnancy.  However, the birth and feeding stages remain the 2 principle causes of mother-child transmission of HIV.”, says Dr. Armel Mintsa Ndong. 

Don’t forget early detection increases the efficiency of treatment and reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to those you love!