OZAVINO: Testimony from Anne-Laure!

​And now, in the category “language trips “of our young OZAVINO Scholarship recipients, we call for the testimony of… Miss Anne-Laure! A recipient of the 2nd generation and a student in Engineering at INSA Lyon, specialising in biosciences, Anne-Laure has been lucky enough to undergo a theoretical and practical course in Germany during her holiday. 

Her testimony, her impressions, she tells us all about it!

“I am passionate about research and was able to complete work experience within the Institute of Immunology Research with a focus on cancer.  I therefore had an opportunity to participate in tests aiming to observe the reaction of dendritic cells (cells of the immune system), in early detection tests for certain diseases (Crohn’s disease, tuberculosis), in specific blood cells extractions (directly from blood bags provided by the German Red Cross) as well as in the very first steps of a world-exclusive experiment relating to the treatment of leukaemia. 

This first contact with the professional world was an unforgettable and extremely enriching one, from a scientific and cultural standpoint but also from a human point of view. 

The feeling of contributing to research which might, one day, change the way we treat certain pathologies is indescribable.  Within a few years I hope to be able to say that I was present, and that I humbly participated in this research which helped changed the way in which we treat certain diseases and, I hope, improve the everyday life of sufferers across the world. 

Many thanks to the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for this trip, for this fabulous professional experience and these magnificent encounters.  For further information on OZAVINO Scholarships: http://www.fondationsbo.org/.../initiatives-p.../bour