ICL Training in Palliative Care

“The support, first contact on admission and human kindness demonstrated both by the medical staff and the patient’s family has a profound impact on her ability to recover".According to Dr. Marie-JoséeNgomo Klutsch, palliative care consists not only in freeing the patient from physical pain, but also in taking into consideration her psychological, social and spiritual suffering.With the aim of providing patients with the most all-round support possible, doctors, nurses, interns, social workers and psychologists from the Libreville Cancer Institute are this morning in Palliative Care training with Dr. Marie-JoséeNgomo Klutsch. 

Among other things, they will learn to build a close relationship with the patient and her family, to observe an ethical code of conduct in this area, to understand their role and their duty to the patient.  These newly-trained members of staff will support future residents of the Living Space (Alice House) throughout their treatment at ICL.  For more information regarding Alice House, go to http://goo.gl/akOvg2