FSBO supports GOAL4(Education) of Global Goals!

“A well trained youth ensures a society is strong, competitive and innovative.It ensures that a society is more united, inclined to equality and dignity”, Sylvia Bongo Ondimba.FSBO supports ODD4 by working towards access to quality education for all. Thanks to the #OZAVINO Bursary and to the Careers Book, we hope to produce a class of well-trained young Gabonese, who care about the development of their country.  By inciting Gabonese youth to prepare its future in line with its aptitudes and in full consciousness of the needs and realities of the market, we have the ambition of preparing a new generation of fundamentally important actors for our country!  Because you are the Gabon of #tomorrow, let’s continue to write the story of your success together! Go to http://www.globalgoals.org/fr/#GOAL4QUALITYEDUCATION.