165 children finally find a shoe to fit them!

Without shoes, children are even more prone to the risks of injury, infection and parasites. Today, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 2.7 billion people suffer from these parasitic diseases.Conscious of this problem, we made a decision to take part in “The Shoe That Grows”, an international project designed to ensure that every child will receive “a shoe that fits”.

Our first mission took place a few days ago in Angondjé and Owendo where we were able to fit 165 children from disadvantaged backgrounds and living precariously, with new shoes.

The leather and rubber sandal we are distributing will last five years; it will grow and widen through five different sizes and will serve the children right up until the age of 14.

In a few days, we will go to Port-Gentil, Lambaréné and Oyem for a new distribution of shoes!

Massive thanks to GEMO, the company which most generously donated these shoes! http://www.gemo-paris.com/