​The aim of the SBO Foundation is to promote access to quality education for young people throughout Gabon, especially in areas that have insufficient educational facilities. 

​In order to promote access to quality education for young people throughout Gabon, the Foundation responded favourably to the solicitation of the Mission Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jesus, located in Val Marie, in the town of Mouila. The Mission has launched a project to build a school complex called «Ecole Saint Francois de Sales» along with its annexes. 

Given the multifaceted involvement of the Mission with the local population and the credit due to missionaries in the field of education in Gabon, the Foundation has made a commitment to support it in order to endow the city of Mouila with a dynamic school complex that values hard work and upstanding moral values. 

The considerable contribution of the Foundation consists not only in financing construction of the spaces intended for the us of the students and administrative team, but also in providing furniture and teaching equipment, and in covering the operating costs for one whole academic year. In addition, given the school’s remote geographical location and in order to allow young students to get there with complete peace of mind, the FSBO has provided the school with two school buses. ​

  • ​To make the best of the abilities and chances of academic success of young people who receive quality education;
  • Develop their moral sense and their skills through the wide array of activities and numerous workshops already set up by the Mission.