Striving for Success

The Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation has undertaken to produce the Careers Book, “Striving for Success”, which should allow all young Gabonese students to access an exhaustive array of careers offered in Gabon. 

As part of one of its missions on youth education, the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation wishes to encourage young Gabonese students to prepare their future, so that it be in-keeping with their desires and aspirations, whilst taking into account the economic needs of the country. 

It is determined to support them by providing the Careers Book entitled “Striving for Success”.

This book should give them access to the full range of careers practiced in Gabon. It is set out as an aid manual to assist with positive career choices; it allows each student to better identify his or her aspirations and career choices throughout his or her training/education period and right up to the start of life in the workplace.

The Sylvia Bongo Ondimba wishes:

  • To widely distribute this book across Gabon;
  • To facilitate the use of this tool by administrative staff in charge of careers advice and head teachers as part of their mission;
  • To make this book available to parents in various formats and in places where they commonly go.
  • To inform and spread awareness to pupils of secondary schools of the careers, training paths and job opportunities in Gabon;
  • To encourage administrative staff in charge of careers advice and head teachers to use this tool as part of their teaching program.