In 2013, the Foundation committed itself alongside the Arc-en-ciel/Espoir Association to improve living conditions and support for the children it takes off the streets and houses within its centres. This support materialised through socio-educational, sports and professional insertion activities as well as food hygiene.  

It is thought that Gabon accounts for 615 street children and youth according to a study conducted in 2013 by the Ministry of Social Affairs. These children are for the most part located within urban and semi-urban areas of Libreville. 

In order to combat this terrible situation, the Arc-en-ciel and Espoir Association centres open their door each year to approximately 100 children and youths aged 9 to 18 who have been living in a situation of exclusion or extreme precariousness.

The actions led by this association have street children’s development and protection at heart. Access to accommodation, education, medical care, a healthy diet and leisure are all necessary. 

Street children and youths have a legitimate right to evolve within a preserved environment which offers satisfactory living and hygiene conditions.

Since 2013, a project entitled “Protecting Childhood” has enabled the Foundation to support the Arc-en-ciel and Espoir Association through socio-educational activities and leisure activities as well as vocational insertion, food hygiene and healthcare access activities.

  • To improve the level of care given to the street children of Libreville;
  • To promote childrens’ rights