World Children’s Rights Day

​To mark World #Children’s #Rights Day, we want to share with you,“ Les turpitudes de Koubouta”, the thoughts and questionings of a young deaf and mute Congolese girl on the issue of her rights:

Oh, World! Oh, World!

I know that I have rights and duties,

I know it is my right to love and be loved,

I know it is my right to be respected,

I know it is my right to go to school

And my right too to be protected,

But World, where are my rights to be found?”

Just like Koubouta, we, at #FSBO, think that EACH and EVERY child has rights and that adults MUST respect them.  These rights extend to all children living with a disability, to all those who live incarcerated, behind their prison walls.  These rights are the same for every child across the world.  This is why we decided in 2011 to mobilise in support of the minors incarcerated in Libreville prison.  To date, 192 minors are attending literacy, mathematics, IT and French classes as well as courses on road safety.

On this day, the 20 November 2015, let us give the green light to #education for all minors living in prison!

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