Ozavino: When generations come together!

​A few days ago, we were introducing you to our most recent third generation scholarship recipients! A close-knit third generation , united and full of surprises! That’s how, on her arrival in Lyon, Miranda was happy to be welcomed by two recipients from previous generations: Aude (Ozavino #1) and Anne-Laure (Ozavino #2), who took it on themselves to accompany their “little sister” and help her fit into her new student life! Tour of the city, registration at the university, planning weekends… Nothing is left to chance! 

A few days later, it was in Paris that our Vice-President decided to bring together our young recipients.  With the continued objective of creating links between generations, Celia (Ozavino #1) and David (Ozavino #2) met Jowill, Adeline and Marie of the third generation!

An opportunity for our two young recipients to look back on their journey and to share a few anecdotes with the new generation, without forgetting, of course, a few pieces of advice given to help with successful completion of  this first university year far from home! 

Fond thoughts go to Luc who has started university in Toronto, and to Julie who will very soon be starting her course at the Mohamed VI University of Medicine in Casablanca. 

We have missed you a lot! By now you will know that more than just a scholarship, Ozavino is a beautiful adventure and above all… an extended family!