Ozavino: Language trip and testimony by Marie-Lys, 2nd generation!

​Soon it will be back to school and… the end of language trips for our young scholars made in Ozavino!The perfect opportunity for us to share with you a testimony by Marie-Lys, 2nd generation and student at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) studying Civil Engineering. 

For our benefit, she remembers her time in Ireland at the ISI in Dublin, where she chose to train in order to perfect her English.  Yes! Excellence never takes a break when it comes to our young scholars!

“I really wanted to perfect my English, and I was certainly given a run for my money! Our halls were so cosmopolitan!  There were students from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and France.  To get to know each other, there was only one solution: to speak English! Thanks to this school, either alone or with my newly-found “friends from around the world”, we set off to discover the many parks, museums and cathedrals which this magnificent city has to offer. This trip will have been a unique experience for me, almost magical. My class, my teacher, my new friends and Dublin will remain in my heart.  Many thanks to FSBO for giving me the opportunity to experience this.”

For more information on our scholarships and OZAVINO hothouse: please go to http://goo.gl/0ZLONc