International Day of Education 2015

​For the last five years, we have paid special attention to the education of the youth of Gabon.Throughout our different projects, one single driving force:to accompany YOU, encourage YOU and stimulate YOU.Accompany you: Through the creation of the Careers’ Book, we wish to help prepare for your future to fulfil your desires and aspirations. 

Interviews, notes, to guide you and provide you with an exhaustive panorama of productive careers in Gabon. 

Since its launch last May, over 3,388 copies have been distributed in school libraries across the provinces of Estuaire and Woleu Ntem. 

As soon as school starts again, we will be back on the road, criss-crossing the country to distribute more copies! 

A digital version is also available via our website. 

Through setting up #OZAVINO scholarships, we wish to allow Gabonese pupils who distinguish themselves through the quality of their academic results as well as their leadership skills, to access the most prestigious schools and universities in the world in order to benefit from an effective education, and become competitive on tomorrow’s job market. 

As of today, seven young laureates are recipients of this scholarship.  In France, England, Switzerland or Canada, they study Sciences, Law, Maths, Economics and Finance with one single ambition: to become true participants in the development of our country. 

In parallel, in 2014, we set up an ‘Ozavino Hothouse’ which brings together the best pupils from the equivalent of Year 11 in the UK and of Sophomore in the US, all from state secondary schools around Gabon. This concept was thought up in order to reinforce these youngsters’ capabilities upstream, and facilitate access to this scholarship. 

As will be clear to you by now, here at FSBO, our dearest wish is to accompany you throughout your learning experience, in order to allow you to fulfil your dreams…by going down one path and one path alone: the path of success!