Distribution of mobility equipment to people living with a motor disability

​As part of its initiative for solidarity, FSBO is continuing its mobility equipment distribution to people living with a motor disability. This week, our teams made new donations.

We would like to share with you the testimonies of 2 beneficiaries:

  • Marc, 5 years old, accompanied by his Mother Jacquie, was recently operated on for hydrocephalus: “FSBO is a crucial player for disabled people. Within 2 months I was able to obtain results. Marc will now be able to leave his bedroom, sit in the sun and watch the other children play. Long live FSBO”.

  • Jeanne and Gertrude, both left paraplegic following a stroke: “16 months ago to the day, I became ill, and ever since I have been housebound. I thank FSBO and God for this wheelchair, which will enable me, from now on, to leave the home.” Gertrude

In parallel with this distribution, we are continuing our work on repairing electric mobility equipment. 104 people in total will be able to benefit from our action which is supported by the National Social Aid Fund (FNAS). Since 1st April, close to 50 pieces of equipment have already been refurbished.