Careers Book Launch

​As part of its Initiatives for Youth scheme, in partnership with Airtel, FSBO this afternoon presented to the media a new and free careers advice tool destined to the youth of Gabon: The Careers Book.

The 10,000 copy publication of the CareersBook will enable you to better identify your specific aspirations and specific career choices whilst taking into account YOUR aspirations, YOUR path choices whilst taking into account YOUR aptitudes and skills as well as job opportunities in Gabon.

We wanted to make it pleasant to go through as well as practical in terms of the information it would provide. You will find 15 different activity sectors outlined in the book, 600 professions and 87 career descriptions as well as testimonies by professionals. Through this project, FSBO is reaffirming its desire to support and stimulate generations to come into preparing their future in the very best conditions possible. Choose the path of success! Education and information for all! YOU have a choice, your future is in YOUR own hands!